"Sour Taste" Maret 2014


To me, attending meetings after meetings is whether I walk out getting that sense of achievement or a sour taste at the end of the day.

Questions I asked myself Did I add value and contributed to the best that I could? Most importantly, it must add meaning to the work that I have set out to do and to achieve for my members.

There is a bunch of 'clowns' out there......aimed for high portfolios in an organisation but they failed to realise that with the position comes the ROLE & RESPONSILITY!!!! They failed to realised that they are answerable to the members that supported them.

I have mentioned before, I am saying it clearly shows that they are there to fulfil their own individual agenda without any traces of intergrity and still trying to get by with all the perks & advantages.

Worst of it all was here you are trying so hard to put things into perspective and making things right, people with that so-called power is not flinging. I do know the constraints but with that position, it is Your ROLE and it is Your RESPONSIBILITY!

Yes, I did have a "sour after taste" at the end of the day walking out of that meeting room and it is just a waste of my time and effort trying so hard to fight for fair justice but knowing that people at the top is only interested in meeting their own interest.

There......I'm gonna have a vodka with lime and get rid of this bad, foul, sour taste.

Sorry folks....I just have to get this off my chest, hope you'll bear with me. Promise I'll be back to my chirpy chirpy mood tomorrow :D
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