Little Tigress Maret 2014

Today is Shan's actual Birthdate - Happy Birthday once again Sweetie :D

A Little Tigress was born on this day nine years ago.

Little Tigress made me grew Big, Fat, Ugly coupled with Big Noise & Elephant Legs *blush*

Little Tigress gave me morning sickness every day ~ hmmm....more so during the working days :)

Little Tigress made me crave for laksa (spicy noodle) and chocolates all the time - yum!

Little Tigress made me feel pampered & lazy all at the same time by people around me.

This Little Tigress kicked & churned my tummy day & night, more so during the night for nine solid months.

Little Tigress kicked & churned so hard that she can't wait to get out from Mummy's tummy.......Whooosh! Oops! Ouch! Mummy's water bag burst as a result of her vigorous kicking!!!!

Little Tigress made Mummy panicked & trembled with 'fear'.

So, on this special day nine years ago, this Little Tigress 'won' the victory and was delivered successfully by Dr. Christopher Chong at KK Hospital :D

Kekeke....Happy Birthday To You, You Little Tigress :D
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