Fabulous @ 43 Maret 2014

43? Really?

She remains Assertive, Pro-Active and Positive sending the right message to people around her.

She continues to stay Determine and Focus so as to strives for what she sets to achieve.

Simple Pleasures and Indulgences set the tone for a holistic mind and total well being in her life.

Nothing gonna stop her from being Confidently Happy, Emotionally Charged and Compassionately Empathetic.

Abundance of Love to share coupled with an endearing pair of listening ears and a very strong shoulders for friends to rely on. Special request for financial assistance can be considered :D

Ever the Optimist Gal and Magnanimously Humorous spreading Cheers & Laughter along the way.

Maternalistic Instinct since young and although Articulates Vocally, remains Enigmatically In Thoughts.

She is FABULOUS @ 43 today but truly, life is FABULOUS for her everyday :D

This Gal is none other than ME! kekekek....Me! Me! Me! ;)

Happy Birthday to ME! ME! ME! :'D ~ Can I have a Hug please?
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