Mahjong Set Maret 2014

Finally I bought myself a set of Mahjong set which comes with a board. Which means even if I don't have a mahjong table I could have a game with my friends :D

It is portable with that folded velvet board so it also means I could easily carry it from one place to another :D

Although most would associate mahjong with gambling but really, it is a social game and it helps elderly folks to stay active as well.

To me, I think it is the best time to bond with family members & friends :)

Nobody taught me how to play mahjong, I just knew it by watching my parents played with their friends. Though I must admit, in the 60s & 70s.......they don't 'play'......they 'gamble' :D

During my younger days, I have witnessed the anguish & pain by those kakis* (mahjong friends) loosing big money and borrowed just to gamble at the table. I was glad that my family did not suffer much hardship apart from some quarrels over money dispute with them. yep, I just learned by watching lah :D

Playing mahjong just bonded everyone together, joking & chatting at the same time. The winner usually buy supper for everyone and teasing the loser is just part of the fun as well.

Now, this weekend, I'm gonna teach my D how to play mahjong as he has no clue as to how this game is being play.

So there....anyone interested in coming by this weekend, buzz me! I'll be happy to be your Mahjong Mistress :D
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