Busy Sunday Maret 2014

As busy as a bee I must say folks! It's five minutes to 0000 hrs ~ Monday and just an entry to So Shiok before I call it a day :D

First, I must have lost count of the number of hours D has worked this whole week. Consecutively everyday for more than 12 hours non-stop! I lost count coz I'm not the number cruncher remember? Kekekek.....:D

But seriously he has been working 12 hrs for the last six days and today, worked till 10 pm. Hmmm....I began to feel worried coz I know how badly he wanted to spend some quality time with the kids :) Knowing him, he is so committed to his work that there were times he even forgo his meals :(

Oh well, he has just hit the sack after a sumptuous dinner of beef stew & some vegetables otherwise.....a hungry man is an angry man right? ;D (No lah...just want to make sure he has a proper meal at home)

So yes, I was busy with my princesses and Shan's classmate Zoe came to join us for a game of badminton down at the Indoor Stadium near our place around noon. All the six courts were fully booked and it was wise of us to make a booking last week.

Can't remember when was my last game but it was good stretching exercise for me and I've enjoyed the excitement and look on the kids' face :)

After lunch.....I transformed myself into 'Wonder Woman'. I've lost count (ya again!) of the number of loads of laundry today coz it was a bright and sunny day so I changed all the bedsheets & blankets. I ironed all the clothes for the week and cooked that pot of yummilious beef stew and noodles for the kids too.

In the evening, I was amazed by my burst of energy still that I found myself running at the stadium with a group of fit regular joggers :D

So many things accomplished on a busy Sunday just make me feel energized as I get myself ready for yet another busy week.

Hope all of you have a great weekend coz I'm gonna hit the sack soon....G'nite.....ZZZzzzzz :)
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