Fabulicious :D Maret 2014


Pix from Ben

Dear All,

Yep! It was a Happy Fabulicious Day with your well wishes & thoughts. Although did not have the time to have a elaborate celebration it was great none the last with lots of surprises.

For the first time, I have two yummy Chocolate cakes. D came home with this after working 12 hours and it was great to have them sang a birthday song to me :D AND a big red packet from D to go on a shopping spree since he is so busy at work.....hehehe...I'll shop till I drop next week!

Surprise came when I got back from work and saw this lovely chocolate cake waiting for me from my Brother and his fiancee :) It was so sweet of them to send such a nice message!

As always, a card from Shania. I have a box full of handmade cards which is going to bring back fond memories when I grow old :)

Lots of other goodies from Aunty Bennett in England as well as candle holder from Karen (UK) not forgetting wallets & lovely Daicia's gift of Godiva chocolate & lovely scarf, hat & glove :D

Also, Thank you Margie for dedicating two sweet poems to me which I have to include here :D

Poem No. 1: To wish you top of the morning, The best this day sends, To wish you the cheer at noontime, That comes with the thought of friends....And when the evening shadows, Fall lengthening o'er the way, To wish you the heart's contetment, That comes with a perfect day!

Poem No. 2: May you have a song in your heart, a smile on your lips, and nothing but joy at your finger tips!

To me, not just the presents that make this day wonderful but the presence of all in my heart who shows love & concerns.

I had a Fabulicious Day and I hope that just like me, all of you will have a fabulous year ahead too! Yes, just like what Margie had written....may all of us have a song in our heart with a smile on our lips and of course joy at our finger tips :D

Thank you once again for your well wishes on my Birthday :D Love you all!

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