"Violation" Maret 2014

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It would be wishful thinking to pretend that things would be 'normal' as before knowing that 'trust has been violated!

When it comes to constructive discussion, agreed to 'disagree' and that has always been my principles and nothing personal at all.

Sadly and more importantly, not only was trust violated, they have also compromised the friendship not just with me but with the whole Team as well.

Having a 'spy' onboard is no joke coz it means the Team needs to weigh the sensitivity especially when it comes to members' confidential matter.

Can you imagine how disastrous it would be when confidential information need to be embargoed get leak out before the official annoucement? The way they crafted their move pretended to care for members only to fulfil their own agenda is despicable and not worthy to be representing them. Period!

Hmmm....I think I need to engage Mr. James Bond to teach me some skill or perhaps grant me a 'licence to kill' huh? Hmmm....wishful thinking for sure but at least I count my lucky style that the 'spy' was spotted early :D

Oh remember, agree to 'disagreed', nothing personal and I would & will continue to fulfil my role responsibly and vocally coz they don't call me the Iron Lady for no reason at all.

Only trustworthy and responsible people need apply ~ gender & age neutral :D (Oh.....before I forget.....must be a team-player too ya!)
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