Smoked Salmon Maret 2014

Alrighty Folks! It's smoked salmon none other than from Norway and can't help thinking of my blog pals from Norway ~ Ta-Dah ~ Renny & Toraa :D

Yep! D loves smoked salmon and I must admit I'm not really a big fan of smoked or raw sashimi as the Japanese would have them. I preferred having my salmon fillet (cooked) and go along with my fiery sambal chilli ~ Shionge's way :)

I picked this smoked trout on Friday and D just loves it with his chappati with lots of vegetables :D (Add in the pickles and it's perfect!)

And to further satisfy his salmon craving.....he went to have another go of salmon trout with cracked pepper the next day. Bet his colleagues didn't know what's inside his home-made sandwiches coz they were always curious to find out why is he having sandwiches for lunch everyday at work hahahah...... Healthy lunch with lots of omega-3 I think! :D

Coming back to lunch, I do note that lots of fellow colleagues are having too heavy breakfast & lunch at work which is much too 'hearty'. I think that could be a reason why they looked so lethargic in the afternoon and moody I must add.

Oh well.....look what I found this evening at Cold Storage. Something about me you must know....I love to shop for new stuff when I hit the supermarket :) The box itself just attracted my fingers to that particular shelving lah, just kidding! Thought D might like it that's all.

Not gonna forget the kids though....something new at the supermarket and a treat for the kids for being such an angel :D

So there....some food for thought folks! I'll chill out soon with my ginger crunch coz I bet it goes well with my hot cup of coffee ya! ~ Ciao ~ :D

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