500 Maret 2014

Nope! Not pouring out another $500 for people to continue 'nursing their disease'.

Having said that......$500 was my starting pay 23 years ago :)

Oops! What I really wanted to say about 500 is......Ta-Dah!!!!

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One World One Dream Folks!

Just watched the news that it's counting down time! 500 days to the Olympics :D

I'm might not be a sportswoman but I just enjoy watching the Olympics - just feel Shiok!!! The sweat and pain as well as the stringent training and disciplined disposition of all the sportsman somehow put my own fitness to the test (though it would be poles apart kekekekk.....)

Likewise when it is the Worldcup Fever as well as the European Cup, I must admit that too is putting my eyes to the test kekekek.....

Anyway.....I have not visited Beijing and scaling the Great Wall of China is still very much on the agenda.
Somehow, I can't wait for all the athletes to feel the pulse of China and be wowed by the Chinese culture :D

Yep! Still very much a traditional girl here coz my Father's Motherland is in China and having been to our Hakka Village in South China makes me appreciate my roots even more :D

So....Dear D.Wu, remember to show me your homeland when I visit Beijing ya! ;-)
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