Day @ Bishan Park Maret 2014

This is Bishan Park I and I was supposed to go to Park II.....anyway, I alighted at the wrong Park so had a long walk which gaves me the opportunity to take in lots of lovely shots.

A Media Conference on the upcoming "We Are Married Celebration 2007!" was held at Bishan Park today and as one of the member of the National Family Council, I was there together with the secretariats from the ministry too.

The Arcacia Restaurant is situated right in the middle of the park and I was told there is even a spa beside it. I can't remember when was my last visit but I do know that I had my wedding photos taken at the park back in 1990....yep....I know....many many years back :D

So peaceful and quiet enjoying my solitary walk ;) ~ Good for the soul and good for the mind folks! Hehehe.......

Now what I really wanted to say is this....unlike the usual media briefing which I have attended, other than announcing the nine days' celebration, three couples renewed their marriage vows today in front of the press with news broadcast too :D

Guess who I met? I met Nazurah....this little girl is Bibiana's classmate and she is here today to witness her Grandparents renewing their marriage vow after 41 years!! Isn't that amazing?

I think it is absolutely wonderful for a young girl to see the significance of the ceremony and it shows the family bonding & values as well.

Naz's Grandparents & Parents together with other relatives. Now....Grandpa still young at 66 huh? By the way, Naz's Mom (in green) is also the school teacher from the same school my kids attended so it was really like a reunion for me as well.

I'm glad it turns out well and memorable for the three couples and with the upcoming Marriage Convention spreading over the next two weeks, me gonna get busy again :)

Have a wonderful week ahead.......:D

PS: *Sob*.....something is wrong with my blog, have problem viewing & uploading so do bear with me if I didn't swing by your blog. Hope it'll normalize soon.

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