"Torn" Maret 2014


I hate myself for being so compassionate and trusting of others.

Everytime I reminded myself not to be so soft-hearted, everytime I failed myself *SOB*

I'm so "torned" - deeply saddened coz they have been taking my kindness as weakness. I helped coz I trusted that they needed it desperately for their hardship not for the sole purpose of gambling away the $$$


I am not their ATM machine and certainly money don't grow automatically out of my pocket.

It only makes my blood boiled seeing that they continued to drive fancy car, buying branded goods and yet 'pleading' for financial assistance.

I have enough of their nonsense and crying wolves! I might have been a fool does not mean that they have the right to 'abuse' my heart of gold.

They won't warrant my sympathy anymore and this is definitely the last straw!!!!

*Sigh* They have certainly spoilt my peaceful Monday....Grrr.... :'(

(Sorry for the rant folks, hurt & upset and pray that I have the strength to say "NO" when they come to seek help only to fulfil their desire to make big money on the gambling table.)
"Torn" Maret 2014 | Rizal | 5