CPF Maret 2014

Finally, ever since I started working for the past twenty over years, this is by far the bold new changes with regard to the Central Provident Fund (CPF).

For the benefit of my blog buddies, CPF is like a social security savings plan which provides some form of security for retirement, healthcare, home ownership. Monthly contribution through the deduction of our salary goes into our CPF Account.

Straits Times dated 9 March 2007

So, it was hearty to note that during Budget 07 in Parliament yesterday, it was announced by the Manpower Minister about some of the key changes especially allowing you to top up for your grandparents, spouse & sibilings :D

As mentioned, throughout my working life building up my CPF nest egg, it has always been meant for housing & medical expenses so I was delighted that some changes is going to take place.

I was caught by surprise when a young journalist from The Straits Times called my mobile with regard to the changes last night. I have not catched the latest news on TV when I received his call (coz I was blogging keekkek...) but I remembered him as I met him during one of the seminar downtown.... er...more on him later ;-) if you are still interested heheh...

Anyhoos....he updated me and wanted to interview me to seek my opinion on the new as you can see, this is what he has reported :D

Just want to place on record that I've aired my concern and hopefully with such flexibility now I could one day assist my younger Brother to own a house :D

I believe, likewise for those topping up the CPF accounts for their grandparents & spouse, this is certainly great news for the year too :D gonna cut out today's Straits Times now :D Have a great weekend folks!

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