Fall Out Boy Maret 2014

Alright I must confess ..... I know nothing about this Rock Band 'Fall Out Boy' neither have I heard any of their soundtracks until Bibi requested to attend their concert last Saturday at the Max Pavilion.

Ok, being a cool Mom I attempted to listen to this so-called emo-rockers (as reported in the Straits Times) and oh boy I had a headache :( I honestly do!

Anyway, we did buy her a ticket for her to attend with her friends.......Yep! Very brave! I mean, very brave Mummy & Daddy for giving her the permission to attend a Rock Concert by herself (her friends joined her later in the concert hall)

Some of the pictures she took last Saturday, not very clear images but I think she did well. We drove her to the concert hall at 7.15 pm and it ended at about 11.15 pm when D 'dutifully' waited for her at the parking lot......LOLz......
She was ecstatic when she reached home with her voice coarse from all the screaming and shouting I suppose. I could see and feel the elation and that look of satisfaction exuded from her eyes.

She can't sleep after the concert! She can't stop talking about the Fall Out Boys! :D

She was one happy Gal last Saturday and we were glad we've made her day :D

I read the article about this concert today and apparently was rated quite good and found that any worries by parents about their children caught in the bedlam of hardcore moshing were unfounded :)

So apart from her being pushed & shoved from the 3rd roll to the 10th roll I knew she is slowly growing up and learning the art of resilience & hey, some character strengthening ya!!! :D

So my dear, I'll listen to the Fall Out Boy 'Infinity On High' soon provided you promise not to tune on too loud else I'll get a headache pretty soon :D

Meanwhile, I'll stick to Bon Jovi for now :D
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