Aloha Anniversary Maret 2014

Happy Anniversary Beth & Mark and enjoy your Aloha celebration folks on 13 March 2007!

I have to spill the bean about this oil painting done up just like the one I did for D last Christmas. Had wanted to surprise them when Mark come by to Singapore for his working trip but looks like I'm gonna safe keep it after his Aloha trip with Beth :D

Hmmm...I think I've made a mistake by having this frame up coz it's gonna be a headache for him to cart this home. Kekeke..sorry Mark, you just have to figure that out when you see me ;)

Look, this is the original photo which was given to the artist in Chiang Mai, Thailand. What do you think folks?

Starting the fire by the classmates

This evening, I was invited for a class BBQ by Bibiana's Form Teachers so I was looking forward to get to know her Teachers & classmates better.

When I saw her, I could see that she was having a great time and I was equally glad to meet some of her classmates too.

Most importantly, the chance to meet both her Form Teachers and chatted about Bibi's progress and how well she is coping as the Chairperson of the class ~ which to me, is cool :D

Thank you Ms. Law & Ms. Yati for taking the effort to organise this BBQ which enables all of us to bond and get to know each other. I had a great time too :D

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