Fun Time Maret 2014

Dear All,

Thank you for your kind comments ~ definitely a 'pick-me-up' and a morale booster :D I must add that the 'sour taste' spilled over to Tuesday but then again I must admit & accept that it is normal to have 'clowns' so there......not gonna waste my time if they refused to listen.

Hugs & Kisses to all of you chirpy chirp chirp mood is back :D Thank you All!

So let's see......about our Fun Time now on Sunday :D

Finally, a day off for D on last Sunday and so, my mahjong skill was put to the test by patiently explaining every tiles to both D & Shan (Er...three kakis (players) can still play coz Bibi is not keen hehehe).

I was amazed that Shan picked up the game much faster than D and although they were very slow I think they did pretty well :D

So in order to play mahjong with three players, we tookout one set of tiles which is known as the 'rope'. We had so much fun that we played after dinner too and being portable, we carted it into our bedroom and turned on the air-con as it was a really hot humid night.

As it was Sunday....I cooked a one-meal dish - Curry Vegetables! Just put in whatever vegetables that I could think of and eventually there is brinjal, lady fingers, carrots, cabbages, long beans and fried beancurd.

There is the usual brown rice which I cooked over the weekend, simply add in fresh sliced garlic and lots of wolfberries with a dash of olive oil. Very crunchy, just don't add too much water though.

These wolfberries is a favourite ingredients that is usually added into our soup or herbal chicken. So you see, there is other use to it too coz I have added them into my brown rice :D

Now the other name for wolfberries is Fructus Lychii (quite a mouthful) but says that this is mainly found in Ningxia, China and it tonifies the kidneys.... Hmmmm....I used to think that it is good for the eye-sight ;O

Oh well...just for the record, it further says that it is good for vertigo due to kidney and liver deficiency and the nourishment of the liver helps sharpen blurred eye vision......ahh....I was right!

There....a fun time and hope I did not churn your appetite too much folks but I really wanted to show you what I put into my brown rice :D

Catch you soon! Love you All :D
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