Boyfrenz Maret 2014

Boys made me cry :'(

Wwaaa..........*sob*.....Yay!!! For crying out loud - those are tears of joy ;) (Gotcha Peter kekekek... :D)

I love my boyfriends who are young, old, single and married. Although living in a conservative society, I have no qualm in hugging them after a long time of not seeing each other ;)

I have always been the rose among the thorns :D ~ Very very blessed indeed.

Strange but true I just have this special telepathy bond with some of them that they would confide in me and instead of me pouring out my sorrow, they just 'let if off their chest' so to speak when they are with me :D

Still, my boyfrenz means everything to me and through the years.....I always make it a point to introduce my boyfrenz to D so he knew they are all my buddies.

I wrote about platonic relationship once and yep, there's an element of truth that when one confesses some hint of love this friendship would be 'violated' :( It works for both gender I'm afraid. found true friendship in them when they knew they are not allow to cross the boundary.

Having said that, I'm truly blessed with boyfrenz...yep I have lots of shoulders to cry on hahahahha.......I can cry buckets and there would be lots of them holding buckets for me kekekek....:D

I know I have a frenz in them when I could just pick up the phone and call them any time of the day.

I know I have a frenz in them when I need 'muscle men' around the house (proven when D was attached in America back in Y2005)

I know I have a frenz in them when I just need to yak & yak......just to have a laugh.

I know I have a frenz in them when they trust me with their deep dark secrets hahahhaha....

And.......for my far-away boyfrenz I know despite the time difference, I could just dial that international code and yak everything under the star (Yep that's you ASH!) my blog have added some sparkles to my blog just like my blog buddies girlfrenz. The kind & sweet comments never failed to put a smile on my face.

Yep, as I said....through this magical world of blogging, I found sunshine in you ~ My Girlfrenz & Boyfrenz :D

Shiok to have all of you in my life :D ~ I'm glad I never have to walk alone again. YAY!!!!

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