Mr. Mushroom Maret 2014

Question: Why is the mushroom invited to the party?

Heheh......give it a shot pals, let's put on your thinking hat and let me know your answer won't ya?

We love mushrooms! All kinds and whenever we are having salmon, sausages & salad, I would always slice these lovely white button mushrooms and stirred fried with onions.

It goes really well too with beef, pork chops among many other meaty stuff whenever we have BBQ in the family.

Chinese dried mushroom, the most versatile ingredients in all kinds of chinese dishes. You can add in with all kinds of vegetable, slice them to go with steam fish, stew mushroom with braised belly pork or chicken the list just goes on and on.

In fact, this evening I soaked five pieces of dried mushroom and diced them to braised with sliced potatoes. As I don't have minced pork with me, I simply diced some red chilli to add in the colours and there goes a warm hearty meal :D

Sorry no photos but this is one dish that churn D's appetite, as potatoes are very filling he can even tuck in on it's own :D

I do know that many types of mushrooms are high in protein & fiber even some vitamins too. There were also report about this being anti-oxidants.

Anyhoo.....before I give you the answer, mushroom is also known as toadstool....isn't this a nice name? Cool! :D

Okay...okay no more teasing so why is the mushroom invited to the party ya??? C'mon...did you guess it?

He was invited because he is a Fun Guy (Fungi)...... heheheh.....did you get the answer right?

Bibi gave me this brain-teaser and I think it is cool to share with you.

Have a wonderful weekend folks :D

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