My Fridge Maret 2014

Oops....don't get me wrong, I'm not 'advertising' or recommending any specific food but just to show you my beloved fridge.

I only wish that I could have a bigger fridge that's all but due to space constraint over at the apartment, I can only dream of those giant size fridge :(

This is our second fridge since we moved into this place, Japanese 'Mitsubishi' served us well for 8 years :) ~ It was a good investment.

Now 'Fisher & Paykel' is the new addition to the family and serves us well too except I have no clue how to set the temperature :( Yah! I know......everytime D taught me I tend to 'switch off' after two weeks kekekek.....

Anyhoos......what you see is what you get after weekend frenzy at cold storage :) Those grapes are really sour and it gives true meaning to 'sour grapes' hahahah......

Bottles of vitamins, different types of drinks such as soya bean, lemonade, ribena, name it I've got it :)

Yogurts & cereals for Mom & Dad, chocolates & candies for the girls and hidden right inside you'll be able to see that I have different types of chili :D

I love to do 'housekeeping' every once in a while and would be surprised to see some food items passed the expiry dates :(

In case you are wondering about those tubs - they are not ice-creams so do not panic!! Only the extreme right is ice-cream cone for the kids :)

The rest is where I stock my fish & meat stuff and it usually lasts for about a week :D

Current humble display of magnets on the fridge....if I don't do my 'housekeeping' the magnets would easily line-up all the way to Northpole.....kekeke....Oh ok....I exaggerated sorry :) Bet you know just how many magnets I collect too huh?

Okie Dokie! That's my humble fridge and just want to tell you that you'll never go hungry or thirsty when you visit me any time of the day folks!!

I'll cook up a storm for sure :D Kekekek....if not there's always frozen nuggets & fries that I could easily toss into the oven ya!!

What's in your fridge? Or rather...what is the item that's a must in your fridge?

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