"Tau-Geh" is Beansprouts Maret 2014

In Hokkien (one of the dialect group), Tau-geh is our humble beansprouts.

I love beansprouts! It is light & crunchy! A handful of beansprouts is not very expensive and I usually buy about 30-40 cents at the wet market. Besides frying this on its own, some will add into their fried noodles or any other noodles.
I felt really nostalgic after coming back from the market this morning.....I remembered my childhood peeling off the roots of the beansprouts at the kitchen with my Mom.

During our younger days most of our 'jia chang bian fun' - homecook meal had always been beansprouts, fried beancurd, salty vegetables or fish......:D

Just like what you see here, we would pour out the beansprouts onto old newspaper and started peeling off the roots one by one.

Not tedious job but time-consuming though........I 'multi-tasked' this morning folks. I peeled them while watching MTV kekekekek........

Although some might reckon that we get most vitamins & nutrition from their roots but somehow it's much 'neater' as a dish I suppose.

Look at the clean peeled beansprouts which I cooked with chopped salted fish, strips of carrots & red capsicum for the appealing colours.

This is Ikan Kering....sorry folks not sure what it is called in English, we used to fry them and have it with our porridge ~ ah...just as good!

We love our tau-geh with salted fish coz it churns our appetite to have a hearty meal :D

There....simple, cheap & delicious .... garnished with chopped spring onions somehow gave this dish a very balance & vibrant colours.

I'll dish this for you if you come to visit me ok? Right on!!! :D

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