Bustling Weekend Maret 2014

With everyone tucked in bed sleeping soundly now, here I am updating my blog having a hot cup of coffee beside me :D

It has been a busy busy weekend and not forgetting celebrating Father's Day today as well :D

Our fellow female unionist from the Singapore Maritime Union was kind enough to host our Women's Meeting at their Union House following by a dinner cum karaoke at the Lighthouse on Friday.

Right outside the conference room window I spotted a big rainbow.....if not for the block of flat right in between, we would have been able to see a big arch instead of having two shots of the rainbow.

Although I did not stay for dinner, I did manage to 'steal' some shots on the food of course :D Look at these appetising salmon neatly rolled up with blueberries topping.

Now how about these mini fruit tarts?? There's mango, kiwi, logan, pineapples & strawberries ~ yum!

Hey no one is going to resist these brownies and with all these plates of desserts displayed in front of the mirror it actually amplified the desire for one to dig in. I managed to pinch some before I go hahahah...

I am not a dragonfruit person but thought I'll snap one here to show it to you. Originally from Vietnam but I understand some came from Malaysia too. Hmmm.....not sure if some of you have seen this but I think I'll check it out in the market for you soon.

Ah yes...the wedding dinner, here's Emily & Derrick pouring champagne and just before they went on stage they took the dance floor and did a waltz.....absolutely beautiful and sorry the shot was too dark.

Gifts for the guests who attended the wedding, it could be chocolates or key-chains but look what we received from them.

Not only a bottle-opener but a magnet as's on display at my fridge now :D

Hey it's Father's Day today, taking this opportunity here's wishing all your lovely handsome Fathers out there a very Happy Father's Day :D ~ Bet you received lots of love, pressies & dinner ya!

The girls bought D a Christine Aguilera's CD and made a card for him and off we went to Centrepoint for lunch & shopping!!! Guess what? It's Father's Day and Dad got to pay for everything was so funny but it was a treat from him and everyone went home happy.

Late in the afternoon, we also went to pay our respect to my Father at Mandai with my Mom & Brother so it has been a fruitful Sunday for everyone :D

Hope you are all having a good weekend too ya! Be swinging by to visit you soon :D

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