Rain It Did! :D Maret 2014

I am not kidding you folks but after yesterday's post........ it finally rains this afternoon :D

YES!!! Rain it did and such a welcoming sight. I simply let the rain splashed its way in to my balcony :)

It was totally unexpected and I was glad that I have a day off from work today.

Before we knew it.... dark clouds was combing the forest area with numerous strikes of lighting too.

Whoa........we were not complaining even though it causes some delay as we were all so ready to move out for our shopping spree in the afternoon.

Just me & my girls....we were out shopping but prior to that we went to a music school for Bibi to take up some guitar lesson during this June school holiday.

Much later, it was off for an afternoon delight of chocolate fudge & brownie and to go with our sweet sweet tooth we had milk shakes & ice blended mocha too :D

Hehe.......we did not waste our 'calories'....we add on calories with something that satisfied our craving lah hahah.....So So Shiok!!

In the evening......yep...the night was still young, we went to celebrate my buddy's 45th Birthday dinner at Apollo Riverfront Hotel.

I know all your jaws are literally dropping coz TCH at 45 years old is the father of two lovely grown-up daughters seen here with their boyfriends and his son right behind him.

Happy Birthday Pal......Heng Heng* 45th and more prosperous year to come too :) ~ (Heng Heng means good luck in Hokkien, our local dialect)

So Yep! A very busy day indeed but glad my day off from work was well spent.....too bad D was tied up with work yet again :(

I'm cool now folks and thank you for sending the rain over :) Luv you all ya!
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