Hainan Goodies Maret 2014

I must have missed out the goodies I bought from Hainan Island last month but anyway, it is never too late to share now heheh.......

As was all 'hell broke loose' when we were all shopping :) You would notice that there were lots & lots of coconut trees so one of the goodies to cart home for friends was the coconut candies.

I like this coz it is low sugar mixed with toffee and coffee too ~ good thing I have self-control otherwise kekekek....

It was rare to find red cut chilli or sauce in most of the restaurants we visited but guess what we found at the souvenir shop? This is their very own 'yellow chilli' and it was made from none other than yellow pepper/capsicum! Isn't that awesome?

If you are the first timer having a go at really need to go slow coz this is very salty and I am afraid it might not go well on your palate. To me...being a Hakka lady I love my dish to be salty so there......I bought a few bottles and it goes oh so well with my porridge too :)

Just love this pair of lovely Japanese kitties :) When I start to display them on the shelves I looked around my apartment and realised I have lots of 'pets' that comes in pair..... they are just the new addition and one of these days I think I'll snap my "pets" and show them to you :D

Can you see their 'paws' waving? Well.....this is what we call the 'chow chai mow' ..... something like 'calling out for wealth' (I think so lah.....can Wendy or Paul help?)

Most business establishments do have one of these unique kitten next to their cash register coz it symbolizes wealth as well as to attract business kekekek....

So as what my buddy Ah Hoe would say ~ "Money Money Come Come!!!" Hahahah.... :)

As most of you would know we collect plates whenever we travel to other countries and look what I found. This would be the first Chinese plate in our apartment coz the rest of them displayed were bought from Europe, UK & USA ....... hmm...we have yet to put them up as we can't decide the right spot yet :)

So there....hope you have enjoyed my goodies from Hainan and hey time flies it's TGIF now so have a wonderful weekend folks!

Have fun & take care :D

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