Tortilla Chips Maret 2014

Sometimes the craving just hit me that I couldn't resist going on a shopping spree for tortilla chips :D

It used to be nacho cheese for the whole family when we were in Alabama and a trip to Walmart was a treat too :D Kekeke.......sounds a little pathetic coz the wheels was with D and we usually waited for him to be home to chauffeur us there lah :) me for recommending this good buy folks! Fresh & crunchy not forgetting the taste of corn in each pieces of tortilla.

Another favourite would be this with a hint of lime and it's good on its own without having any salsa dip.

Be warned that you'll finish up the whole pack on your own so it would be good to have a go with your family or frenz ya!

This is the kind of salsa dip that we like, normally I would go for the very hot stuff but this will do too :D

Head to any Cold Storage for the tortilla chips as NTUC have very limited choice of chips and don't forget to chill gives a whole new meaning to eating tortilla with chilled dip :D (Oh ok.....maybe it gives me whole new meaning to eating that with chilled dip hehe......)

Hey before I go.....look at what we've found ~ Bottle of Lemon Herb, a new dressing for our salad :D

This is so good, light & refreshing! It has definitely added some spice to our salad coz otherwise it would be all boring with thousand islands and salad cream. Although a little bit expensive as compared to all the krafts dressing but this is one dressing you would never regret indulging in.

Yep! Found in Cold Storage again :D ~ Have fun folks and hope you did not have any Monday blues :) (Kekekekek.....I survived my Monday.....hooray!!!!)

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