Girlfrenz Maret 2014

I love my friends - both gender included :D I wanna dedicate this to all my wonderful girlfriends heheh.....far & near :) ~ Sorry guys you are next ok????

I strongly believe that in all kinds of relationship - it needs to be nurtured and since my childhood, I have always tried my very best to keep in touch and to be the best friend ever to each and everyone of them.

Somehow, some girlfrienz I have to 'drop' along the way due to various reasons still I am thankful and grateful that most of my girlfrenz are merely a phone call away.

Being the only girl in the family with two brothers, I treasured my girlfrenz as if they are my sisters :) They are my best critics and I know they want the best for me. Likewise we valued each other's view from a different perspective.

I know I have a frenz in each and everyone of them when I could just pick up the conversation where we left off many many years ago.

I know I have a frenz in them whenever I have a tiff with my D and they will always be there hearing me out. (Thankfully it is not that often anymore kekekek.....) is I know I have a frenz when I just dial their number and viola next hour I am meeting them for coffee (Hey that's you shy girl :D)

Oh not forgetting my blog girlfrenz too....this is so strange but through this magical world of blogging I have somehow embrace true friendship with my blog pals ;)

There's far too many to mention but the numerous private emails we sent to each other sharing the ups & downs is worth all the time in the world in cultivating new friendship. This shows that the world is so small and that friendship is universal :)

So here's to all my special girlfriends who shared not just my dreams but my hopes & fear as well as soak in the joy & laughter ~ Thank you for your friendship and I'm so blessed to have all of you with me :D

Your friendship means so much to me lah :) and thank you for being part of my life journey :D - I Luv You All!!!

~ Shiok to have Girlfriends! ~

(Ooopss.....Shiok to have Boyfrenz too...Oh ok guys you would be next I promised :D )
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