M.C. Maret 2014

It was a terrible bug, not just the flu but the fever bug too :(

Temperature was soaring at 38 degrees and did not subside until this afternoon, still having a bad sore throat though and I feel pretty lousy for not able to yak for too long since I've always been a chatty person hehe....

It is no fun getting ill and being poorly means I am so helpless and not able to take care of those around me.

Dr. Loo reckoned that I will not be able to recover in just one day so was given two days MC.

I slept like a log yesterday heheh....

Look at all the name it, I got it!

By the way, thank you for all your well-wishes :D Your sweet comments helped me have a speedy recovery and I could feel it in my bone kekekeke......

A short post today as I go round to visit your blog ok? :D

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