Take Stock Maret 2014

Three more days and the month of July is here to stay for the next 31 days!

I took stock of the past six months and did some 'soul-searching' .....hmm....nothing serious folks no worries :)

As someone who is eternal optimistic in everything I endeavour, I do not look back at the past and lament over the sad events or happenings.

Rather....just take stock of the past six months, some self-reflection and see just how fruitful it has been thus far.

From January till now, so far so good........I've celebrated birthdays (including mine).....soak in wedding cheers and not forgetting paying respect to those demised at funerals :(

At work there were good labour management relationship, committees' work group progressing well and safety target achieved.

Lots of cheers in the family, bonding with relatives so overall report card I must say is perfect harmony. There's a saying in Chinese ( 家 和 万 事 兴) that when there is harmony in the family, everything that you do would be smooth-sailing and successful :D

On a personal note.....the fitness bug is still around :) Not exactly a health freak but careful on the healthy & worthy 'calories' kekekke.......managed a few good books and did well on the social aspect with my friends which is just as important. can I ever forget too about that wisdom tooth extraction huh? I was so glad that all of you shared my pain & anguish during that agonising time heheh.........

So, as we embrace the next six months going through at times mundane chores, take some time to reflect, take stock and be in-charged of something meaningful ya!

Most optimistic and take on all challenges positively and have fun :D

Hey....before anything else......we'll be counting down to Year 2008 :)

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