Mmmm...Muffins! Maret 2014

I love this name AMOS!

Coz it sounds so much like 'AMOROUS' AMOS kekekke....

Just kidding...just kidding folks :D

Hey, come over and join me, would love to share this Marvellous Mouthful MMmmm.....Muffins!

Indulge with me folks coz I bet just like me, you would not be able to resist these juicy chocozzz....induced muffins.

I think my cravings tonight was crazy and don't know why.....Hmmm....let me guess might be this 'monthly issue' doing tricks on me today hahahahah......

Well I'm not complaining but the kids think there's too much chocolate chips in each of the muffins. Just had mine with the walnuts and ooooo..lala.......I Luv It! ;)

So if muffins is too heavy for you I did pack some no-nuts & premium chocolate cookies to go with that lovely cup of coffee & tea too.

Oh c'mon pals....come over and join me in this chocolicious night only ya! :D

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