R-E-D Maret 2014

Ta-Dah!!! A pat on your shoulder if you guessed it is a Chilli Red Hot Frame for my glasses :D

Although pink is my favourite colour and my existing pair is purple...I just can't help falling in love so passionately with this pair :)

Anyhoo....most importantly really this is my correct power so everything to me is crystal clear now.

Also, being transition means that I need not carry my sunglasses with me anymore if I put them on - so cool!

The spectacle case was very unique and they even gave me my Chinese horoscope spectacle cloth for my glasses too ..... hmmm.....talking about efficiency huh?

There.....I just like it and know what? We brought Bibi to The Lens Men last week and she is equally excited with her new glasses too :) anyone wanna guess what's her choice of colour? Heheh....just for fun lah!

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