"Inside Out" Maret 2014

Ever get confused by 'Brasserie' and 'Brassiere' ~ I do :)

Nine letters each......same you spell it makes alot of different ya so be careful heheh.....(the position of the letter 'i' changes the meaning of this word) :D

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Brasserie is a restaurant and......Brassiere is a undergarment worn by women to support her 'assets' hehe......

Anyhoo....besides highlighting the spelling of the words, what I really wanted to say is what we worn 'inside' can exude something powerful 'outside' :D

Bet you know that what you wear inside not only enhance 'the assets' but it boosts our confidence two-folds, perhaps thrice or even more. Try it ladies.......pick & choose a sexy booster and let this magical feeling evolves within yourself ya! As for gentlemen....*ahem* you know what makes us tick :)

Trust me coz I feel 'good' knowing that I have something comfortable, sexy yet 'erotic'.....heheh....too shy to showcase my brassieres but really there is nothing too shy to talk about because we ladies really really need to 'affirm' our status ya :D

I love my 'inner beauty' and for Chinese it is also known as 内在美, as you would probably
know too that it comes in different shapes, patterns, design & the all so common term known as 'Cups'. Beats me as to why it is call as such, perhaps I'll google that sometimes heheheh......

(Kekeke.....just some tease blogging folks :D here's wishing all of you a wonderful weekend and if you don't see me dropping by that's becoz I'll be busy with two meetings & two wedding dinner/lunch within the next two days.

Be back to visit your lovely blogs once I get pass this busy weekend :D Have fun and you bet I'll be putting on my best brassiere for the functions kekekek.....oh ok ok....enough teasing bye bye folks!)

~ Ciao ~ :D

(Oh thank you all for your wonderful comments to my last two posts ~ Girlfrenz & Boyfrenz :D You are all Gems to me and I appreciate your presence here in my humble blog :D .... Thank You!!)

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