New "Vision" Maret 2014

Now I thought due to the prolong usage of the computer & *Ahem* sign of 'old age' my eye-sight somehow deteriorated over the years.

I remembered getting annoyed when my Optician 'over-powered' my contact lens & new glasses last year as I was experiencing constant headache and was not able to read small prints at all.

Anyhoos......last Monday my girlfriend introduced her Optician to me as I need to replenish my stock of disposable contact lenses.

Now...that's not what I wanted to blog about really even though I must add that this Optician is clearly & visibly charming to say the least....hehehe.....

Oh..oh....yay..back to my eye-check....

So on Monday after examining my eye-sight .......I discovered that my vision is still not 'corrected' by the previous optician and was given a 'strong prescription'........that's why I find it such a chore to read :(

Anyway.....I've got that settled but wait.....I 'fell in love' with a snazzy yet cool frame as I was browsing at the shop :)

I was hesitant to order & get another new pair of glasses......

I was hesitant to 'splurge'........

I was just hesitant lah...... :)

Imagined the 'agony' & 'anguish' thinking about this snazzy glasses since Monday. My girlfriends did 'encourage' by complimenting on how pretty it looks, and the list goes on.

I did not tell D about my 'new love' but this evening on my way to Centrepoint .....I messaged him (Yep....message always get the green light hahahah) and told him about this new glasses that I really really like :)

Surprise! Surprise!!!! He replied : "No problem....just put it on the card."

Yipee!!!!! Mega-watt smile on my face all the way to Centrepoint hahahah....

Now I must clarify that I have my own financial independence but just that when your other half is picking up the bill it just feels So..So..So...SHIOK ah!!!!! :D

So Yea....Me gonna show you my snazzy new glasses next week ~ Quick....guess the colour of the frame folks :)
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