Family Day 2007 Maret 2014

The animals stole our hearts today when we visited the Singapore Zoo this morning :D

Yep! It is our Company's Family Day today held at the Zoo this year with lots of goodies & fun despite such a hot humid day - we had a blast :)

The Company are most generous to sponsor free entrance tickets for the whole family plus souvenirs, lucky draws, unlimited tram rides & $30 food voucher ~ what more can you ask for huh?

So c'mon folks....join me as you get to see what we've shot this morning. Not all the animals I'm afraid but you are not going to be disappointed by this gorgeous white tiger! Isn't she impressive?

She was pouncing up & down along the edge of the pool and looking a bit agitated by the large crowd. We can't took our eyes off her :D Such a beauty and it's rare to see a white tiger really.

Next the zebras.......those stripes of black and white stands out so vividly as if someone just painted over their bodies.

Now this is a cool zebra-crossing or what? ;D We think that's cool~!

Say hi to Lucy the lovely giraffe. We were so lucky to be there during feeding time at 10.30 am. She was so close to us when the keepers were feeling them carrots, apples and vegetables.

Getting excited when the keepers went near to feed them.

Monkeys ~ There were lots of them of different species too :) They are cute.

Red parrots......can't get any closer I'm afraid unless Abraham loan me his camera kekekek.....

Now how can we forget our lovely Inuka the polar bear? Isn't she a beauty too? Unfortunately she is a bit lonesome this morning keeping to herself instead of swimming near the display pool.

Not the only rhinoceros we saw but managed this shot quite well as if he is charging towards us.

Well...that's about it all folks! It was way to hot to stay till the late afternoon but most importantly really we had fun and could see that all my fellow colleagues enjoyed this day with their family too.

I'll bring you to the Singapore Zoo if you visit me folks :D

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