Batam Trip Maret 2014

Hiya Folks :D It's great to be back - Back to Home Sweet Home!

Missing all of you and welcome back my long time blog pal, Ms. Purplecupcake ;) ~ Glad you are doing well.

Thank you all for your lovely comments, I do appreciate that and I'll just take you through a 'short' walk for the past two days.

I've been an 'ANGEL' really...... as I used to shop by the dozen as I'm known to be the ultimate shoppers ahahah...... Bring on the next contender if you are one kekekek..... I'm amazed too so you do realise by now that I'm really going there for a seminar huh?

So off we go by travelling on Batam Fast.....really fast, just an hour ferry ride..........

Bye Bye Singapore! Seeing Harbourfront behind me and I've enjoyed sitting on the upper deck although most smokers were up there puffing away. I don't mind the view really.

Passing by Rasa Shangri-La in Sentosa Island brought back some of my fond memories when I spent a weekend there when the kids were much nice.

One shot with my guys on the upper deck........ it was a lovely morning but soon was too hot for us when we reached Batam.

Not much happening on the first day as most part of the day was spent on the logistic.

So, next two days was spent in the hotel conference room so you know why I'm so 'disciplined' huh? Coz there is no time for shopping at all :D

Anyway, the objective is to have a fruitful discussion so I must put on record that we there, just in case my boss is reading my blog now...."Dear Boss, we had a fruitful discussion and report card will be submitted in due course. Thank You Boss!" :D

Still, nothing is gonna stopped me and my guys for buying some local snacks & tidbits......hahahah. As you can see my pals, Midi & Isa are very happy to buy some local Indonesian snacks :D

On our ride back to Singapore, imagined being on a James Bond movie when the engine stalled and the Police Coast Guard came on board for a random check. Wah..... alot of Korean tourists were excited and I just have to snap one for you :D

There......glad to back, I'll check on your blog soon and I'll post some more pictures tomorrow.

Take care and thank you once again folks :D You're awesome!

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