Self-Control Maret 2014

Self-control is what I need whenever I go on a seminar, be it local or overseas. You bet with the wide spread of buffet and teabreaks in between conferences is where all the 'flood gate opens' ~ in other words, your daily dietary routine took a back seat coz you don't want to be appeared as anti-social.

Now, tell me can anyone resist this lovely finger food - Chocolate Cakes, Banana Cakes & Indonesia Kueh? Ahhhh......sometimes I do exercise self-control but when everyone is having a cuppa.....oh well, just join them lor :D

This is the buffet lunch I am talking about, you can go for as many round as you like followed by pastries, fruits or desserts. All so sinful but I can see that all my guys were enjoying the hearty meal.
In the evening, Chinese dinner in a Hong Kong Restaurant so even if you are in Indonesia, you could find food of your choice too.

Dried Prawn Crackers

Just take a look at the many types of dried prawn crackers. I was totally amazed by the shapes & sizes when we visited their supermarket.

Take a closer look at this 'chequered' prawn crackers......isn't it amazing? It looks like square chips to me and imagine my guy bought them by the kilos, cart them home for their wives to deep fried it. It will eventually 'expand' when fried and eat like a potato chips. I passed on this one though :D (Shhh....not my list of healthy choice kekeke.....)

We visited the prawn cracker shops too and on displays are those ready-fried.....I was tempted but did not buy coz some is easily available here in Singapore.

Actually through my observation, I realised that many bought something coz most people are buying :D Some were curious to try out the different types of crackers too.

For a very brief moment, I took 3 packet of dried salted fish (I was the only one taking that product) and everyone started asking me if that's nice. I told them I just buy them for myself & my second, the others were picking up too. Hahhaha.....I fooled them, I changed my mind lalalalal....sorry guys! I put them back coz simply....I changed my mind :D (Naughty Shionge...kekekeke...)

Oh well, coming back to self-control. Attending seminar means prepared to have tea-break at 10 am, lunch break at 1 pm and a final teabreak at 3 pm.......Ahhh so if there is no self-control it means our waistline goes out of control lor :D

Hmmmm.....I hope I make sense and I hope you enjoyed the colourful display of prawn crackers. ~ Ciao ~

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