Idyllic Batam Maret 2014

Just have to share some idyllic scene along the coast of this sunny island when I was there for the past three days.

This is a seafood restaurant stretch right out into the sea......we were the only group there for lunch on Thursday. While my guys were busy eating, I sneaked out to walk around the village and had a great time by myself.

Look at all the coconut trees, from here you can see that it was a hot & sunny day. It was a pleasant day for me really with the cool breeze and the sound of the waves gushing in.

If not for the seminar in the afternoon, you bet I will be having a good tan by the beach. Still, you would notice that the beach is empty coz Batam is not a seaside resort so the next best place would be Bintan, another holiday get-away.

Along this quiet village is a small little hut selling provision stuff. Two women were sitting there chatting and as you can see, it is more like a self-sufficient place for this village only.

Two little kids caught my attention as I was exploring this place and they were intrigued when I took a shot of them with my digital camera. You know, they have the most innocent smile I ever see and at that very moment, I regretted not bringing some candies or chocolates with me. I would love to share some with them.

Was a short lunch break at this village but I'm glad I get to see more than the rest of my comrades :D

Hope you've all enjoyed the other aspect of Batam and appreciate the idyllic Batam ;)

Idyllic Batam Maret 2014 | Rizal | 5