Be Strong Maret 2014


Dear Ms. Anonymous Rocker,

Life is not a bed of roses...... but bear in mind that there is a garden of opportunity out there for you to explore and to enjoy.

You were jumping with joy knowing that you are officially a teenager (remember?) Wow! I've forgotten the day when I grew up to become one but you were very sure of yourself.

I know school sucks! Ya! Ya! I know the journey to school sucks just as much too! The path you are walking now is exactly the same as what I've been through when I was at your age and you are not alone.

I know this is the time when everyone in school is trying their best to 'fit' in, fit in to the new environment, new school's rules & regulations, extra lessons and also to fit into the teacher's expectation. Remember this my dear.... you are not alone.

Remember what I told you last night? Take things within your stride, bite on, forge ahead and move forward! You asked me "Why are you so happy? How come you have no stress?" Simply put..... we must manage stress and not let stress manage us :D

I have my fair share of worries, anger & despair too but I cannot 'carry' this with me and affect other people coz we meet different people all the time. In other words, I have to solve my own problems and manage my own temperament as well.

I know this is a trying period for you at this moment in this new school environment but you must give yourself a chance to take little steps and handle each difficult situation as it comes along.

Be yourself again, the confident lady who is always very sure of what she wants. Stay focus in all the things you wanted to achieve and take on whatever challenges that might come your way.

Whatever 'difficult' tasks you are going through right now is to prepare you for a much bigger and more difficult 'tomorrow' if you know what I mean. And when you encounter any obstacles again next time, you would be in a better position to solve it.

Do bear in mind that whatever things that don't 'break' you now can only make you stronger. Trust me!

And also to remember ~ In the midst of difficulties lies more opportunites and shoulder on the new challenges facing you right at this moment. You can make it and you know you are not alone.

Mommy will always be here to 'hold your hands' and you know I will always hear you out :D

You can make it my dear!

Luv Always
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