Happy 55th Maret 2014

Happy Birthday Aunty Sharon :D

This is my Aunty with her Grandson, Jayden.

Today is her 55th Birthday.

She is my Mom's fifth Sister out of a family of seven siblings.

She was my Nanny when I was a baby back in 1964~1970 and also Nanny to Bibiana back in 1994~1996 when Bibi was a baby :D

She is more like a Mom to me rather than my Aunty and my kids addressed her as Yi-Po (Grand-Aunty in Mandarin)

She is patient, kind, warm-hearted, gentle, compassionate, loving, understanding, helpful, determined, meticulous, hardworking, thrifty and incredible lady :D

I love her very much and I wish her best of health always - Happy 55th Birthday Aunty :D

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