Galileo Thermometer Maret 2014

Yes, we owned one Galileo Thermometer, courtesy from The Bennetts when we visited Birmingham in 2004 and had to hand carried this fragile thermometer.

A fascinating way to measure temperature... based on Galileo's discovery that a liquid's buoyancy decreases as its temperature increases.

It has a sealed glass cylinder containing multi-coloured floating spheres with different weights which rises and falls at different temperatures. The current temperature is indicated by the tag attached to the lowest of the floating spheres.

This is one of the conversation piece when friends visited our place and during hot weather, all of us hardly bet an eye-lid as we know jolly well that the sphere will sink instead of floating.

So imagine the cheers when we saw the sphere floats indicating 26 degrees, we were all clapping as if waiting for the temperature to drop and looking forward to this moment LOLz

In this circumstances, context and standard, it means really cold room temperature for us ;) .......Ahhh....I know it's freezing and probably snowing now in your country as I read the posts from Dalicia & Debby but this is by far cold for us kekeke.....

Thought it might be interesting to show you this decorative Galileo Thermometer coz I was very impressed by its design and you can see just how fragile it looks.

Do you have a special thermometer at home folks?
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