Swimming Test Maret 2014

Hey Folks! Thank you for the fun comments & interpretation of my peculiar dream :D Kekek....we had fun huh?

Last Saturday, Shan went for her National Survival Swimming Award Test ~ Silver at Clementi Swimming Centre. It was an extremely long wait of two hours coz the swimming instructor gave us the wrong timing :(

Those taking the bronze would need to take their test first so Shan was jittering while waiting for her turn and I tried to joke with her so that she could be distracted from the anxiety.

Now...these are a group of 'anxious' and 'kiasu' parents crowding around the Tester to look at the children's timing. I was sitting at the gallery hoping that the parents would just let the Tester conduct his test peacefully.

Hmmm......I feel that someone from the swimming centre should be around to 'shooooo...' them away :D

Here's Shan taking out her pyjamas to make a float as this is part of the test on surviving skill.

So proud of her! She passed the test after doing 16 laps and many other skills which I found it most daunting coz I can't swim :D plus the whole test took about 45 mins to an hour so the kids were all so tired when they get out from the pool.

Well Done Shan! Bet you can save Mummy when I drown right kekeke....... Now......Go for Gold award next perhaps :D

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