Friendship Maret 2014

*Sniff*.... :'D

I am so touched & overwhelmed by your super kind comments that exude warmth within my heart.

Hats off to all of you and Thank You for embracing friendship with me. Somehow, the world is indeed getting smaller through our connection and being a positive person...I know that somehow, somewhere, someday we would meet up. Mark my word folks! I know we would :D (So.....give me a buzz if you visit Singapore ya?)

Right......this week just zoomed by so quickly that the weekend is just round the corner. I am having some problem uploading some pics at the moment *sigh*......

Anyway, just a quick update that been running still so still progressing well and this is my record since last Saturday:

Sat ~ 3.2 km run from my place to Upper Bukit Timah Road
Sun ~ 2.8 km run same as above but knee ached so slow down a bit
Mon ~ 3. 5 km run (treadmill), 30 mins and burned 280 calories
Tue ~ 3.5 km run as above
Wed ~ 3.5 km run as above
Thur ~ 2 km run (guilty) - my excuse? knee hurt hahahah....

Well folks! For those on the fitness track, I hope I can inspire and with this good progress this week, I know for sure I can't afford to slacken too.

Bye...... till the next upload of pictures, have a fun time :D Luv you all and thank you once again!
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