Perfect Combination Maret 2014

Hahaha.....Thank You Toraa for your prayer, it works! Now, I can upload this two photos and it put a big smile on my face now :D

Yep - I wanted to let all of you know that I've spotted this in Cold Storage Supermarket and it's a perfect combination - Apricot & Sultanas (from Australia), go on..... c'mon try it!

I must admit that the smiling faces must have attracted me to just pick up the six-pack and cart it home kekeke.......
As compared to the normal sultanas that I used to buy, this is not too dry and the good thing is, not too sweet with that tinge of artificial flavour so mmmmm........yum! Trust me folks!

Beside having it straight from the box, I sprinkle them onto my salad and with this you need not put too much dressing on your salad.

There.....hope this bring a smile on your face now coz I did have the biggest & widest grin now ;D
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