Just Chill-Out Maret 2014

Yep! We certainly chilled-out this weekend and did nothing except for our routine jog and lazing around at the pool.

The rain has finally stopped and we started to see pretty lots of sunshine over at our place so the kids get to hit the pool and we get to run :D

D having fun with Shan while I lazed & literally dozed off by the pool, as you can see, it was pretty quiet today being a Sunday. Usually there would be children running around so it was really peaceful this afternoon with very strong breeze - Ahh....Nice!

Can you spot my apartment? On the 24th floor on the left side lah :D

After a good workout in the evening, nothing beats pampering your tummy huh? Put the tray of well marinated chicken parts & Italian spicy sausages into the was heavenly to say the least, we had a Power Meal :D

My special marinated sauce - lots & lots of sliced garlic, ginger, two big onions (sliced), one lemon (squeezed), sesame oil, salt, pepper & oyster sauce.

To get that Oomph effect, marinate for half a day and baked at 160 degrees for at least half an hour, the chicken & sausages just oozes all the wonderful juices and can't help having it for dinner again next weekend. Do remember to sprinkle lots of fresh parsley all over the tray of baked chicken & sausages.

Do you have a special marinate sauce for a special dish? Do let me know ok? Hope you all have fun folks!

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