Thru' My Lens Maret 2014

As promised.....Let me welcome you to take a walk along Singapore River through Shionge's Lens. Not a professional photography but just a snippets really coz as a Singaporean, I'm amazed at my own effort too to appreciate the sights as well as the scupltures :D

Sir Stamford Raffles

So Hey! He's the Man! None other than Sir Thomas Stamford Raffles :D Read so much about him during history lesson and it's a pleasure 'meeting' you Sir. You are standing tall guiding this busy river indulged in reminiscences those days gone by when you first landed on 28 January 1819.

Truly appreciate your 'discovery' and appreciate your 'presence' next to Singapore River, you are definitely not forgotten by fellow Singaporeans and definitely not so by tourists who visited our shore too :D

Just like the rest of the cities in London, Paris or even Bangkok do hop on a river cruise and take on the views along the Singapore River. Day or night it is up to you :D ~ I think I like day cruise better. But if you are in Paris, take both :D

River Merchants

Bronze sculptures captured the simple lifestyle of people along the river in days gone by. What you see is two merchants negotiating the prices of goods as the river used to be a busy port for merchants.

Seeing this five kampong (village) boys would make you realise that those days, they had so much fun just jumping into the river for a swim and not sure if you agree with me but it certainly brought back some vibes to the financial district of Singapore.

The two coolies (labourers) are loading sack of rice onto the bullock cart ..... sorry, focus wrongly, should have took it from the other end.

Now, how about this, bronze sculpture versus real pussy cat? Kucinta (Singapura) Cat near the Cavenagh Bridge and we have one real cat sat next to the bronze sculpture.....Hmmm.....maybe they are trying to communicate to each other huh? :D

There....through my lense I've enjoyed the walk and hope you did appreciate just as much too. I do :D

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