Buzy Saturday Maret 2014

Lightning McQueen
Lots of things on our plate this Saturday, in fact I would say since Friday coz last night was the kick-off for Earth's greatest event.

Anyway, went to watch Cars this afternoon - hilarious movie and certainly brought back fond memories for me coz I was on Route 66 last year and the cars were cruising along Route 66 man - how cool!

Did a run in the evening and I tried my hand on my traditional Hakka dish - The Abacus Dish which is my Dad's favourite. Will post it tomorrow and I'm happy with the taste although it could be better if only I add in a little bit more salt.

Got to go...catching the next match between Sweden & Trindad at 2359 hrs and was glad that England won by first goal against Paraguay (own goal) :P - Oooh...mood was certainly different when watching a match with company coz Brother and his friend came by to watch with us at home.

Ciao :P
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