Walk Around Guilin Maret 2014

Banana Tree
Just a last entry before I hit the sack folks - took a walk this afternoon around Guilin. There is this sole banana tree with lots of bananas at the back garden but today I noticed that most had been 'hijacked' and just one bunch was left hanging there.

There are not many flowers blooming in the garden lately as it was getting hotter by the day - it is so hot and humid everyday that I do hope the rain will come soon. That is the reason why I chose to jog at the stadium every other evening around 7 pm coz it is much cooler and I realised I tend to sort of cruise along the track rather than a struggle.

Well, after the jog followed by the walk around Guilin, we had the mutton soup of course :D

How did your Sunday fare so far? Superb I hope.....Ciao!
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