Thimble Collection Maret 2014

Thimble Collection since 1995
Total Number of Thimbles to date: 35

Okay I have a confession, it is not just Bells that I "officially" collect but Thimbles and Crystals too.....:D I started with Thimbles is because when I walked into a souvenir stores, there weren't any bells so ended up with Thimbles instead so I'm really happy to be on the look-out whenever I'm travelling.

Very unique Thimbles from Barcelona - the dragon and the Sagrada Familia of course.
A true-blue chocolate lover, bought this Cadbury's World Thimble when we were in Birmingham, UK. A yummy trip!

The Collections from America
Closer look at the Thimbles - our favourite is the thimble that resembles a cowboy hat from Texas and the yellow cab thimble from New York is just so cool.

That's the line-up of Thimbles :P

Sadly, I have not come across any Thimble from my country and I think in order to make up to my bell collection to 100 pieces, I'll have to buy one Singapore Bells for myself soon.

Hope to see your collection on your blog soon :D
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