Women's Ultimate Indulgence Maret 2014


After my post on 'Sheer Indulgence', I came to realise that Bath & Body Works is Women's Ultimate Indulgence, the response was overwhelming. Heee....So So SHIOK!

100% agreed with Kim that when you smell good, you feel good :P

I was just sharing with one of my girlfriend that women must learn to 'love' ourselves and for me, indulging in Bath & Body Works is definitely one of the way to love and pamper myself.

Hey...I think I have a Tag going Gals! Let's start with 'How I Love Myself!'

I Love Myself By:

1. Dutifully taking my multi-vitamins, royal jelly, calcium etc.

2. A therapeutic 3.2 km run.

3. A good book with a good cuppa occasional chocolate treats.

4. Clubbing, Karaoke or Makan with girlfrens & boyfrens :P

5. Weekend beauty sleep - a must.

6. Shopping alone.

7. Solitude brisk walking for some soul-searching.

8. Curl up in bed watching TV programs.

9. Hot bath follow by Bath & Body Works of course.

10. Being happy, stress-free and toss out bad vibes :D

Lots more ways to love myself, how about you folks?
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