Monday Cheers Maret 2014

Ooohhhh So Sweet :D
What a nice cheers on Monday to read about reducing the US troops in Iraq this morning as I shared the joy of our friends at the same time - Mark & Beth Jones in Indiana as their son who is currently in Baghdad is travelling back home for some family bonding.

With such heartening news I bet it'll lift up the spirit of fellow bloggers - Charla, Courtney, Vanessa, Sandra, Glo and many many others too.

Bell No. 98 First day of the week and my fellow colleague, Fook just came back from Bangkok and so sweet of him to buy me bell no. 98 to add to my Bell Collection - Thank you Fook.

Superman Returns

Aiyayayaya......have to give the movie Superman Returns a miss at Lido Theatre tonight. Two complimentary tickets but my D have not returned from sweet Alabama and the kids need to attend school tomorrow .... hmmm...such bad timing...... *sob*

So I did the next best thing, I gave the ticket to my best pal Steven.....heee, he has a hot date with his wife tonight at Lido Theatre *wink* - Thanks to me ya!!! :D

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