Traditional Hakka Abacus Maret 2014

The traditional Hakka Abacus Dish is a mix of yam and tapioca flour and I remembered when I was a little girl, I will knead the dough into little abacus with my Mom. I had a go on this dish and it was a joy coz my younger daughter helped by kneading the dough just like the good old days when I was beside my Mom :P

Steamed and Mashed the Yam

Mixed with Tapioca Flour

Knead into Beads

Minced the dried shrimp, mushrooms & black fungus
Fried with all ingredients Garnished with Parsley & Red Chilli

I was happy with my first attempt at this traditional dish but reckoned it would be better if only I did not add too much tapioca flour - a bit too tough.
Until the next dish folks - Hmm...if only I have this flair for baking though. Ciao!
Traditional Hakka Abacus Maret 2014 | Rizal | 5