Happy Daddy's Day Maret 2014


Today is Happy Father's Day and it is with a tinge of sadness that my Father is no longer here with us. Coming from an Asian family, Father's Day as well as Mother' Day doesn't mean anything to the older generation and the word 'I love you' was not showered upon our parents that easily as we were very conservation back then.

Having said that, my Father knew I love him in a very subtle way - in our local context, I would bring him out for a meal with my brothers and gave him a red packet for good health and luck. This is our way of showering our love to him.

I am sad that on this special day, I am not able to do that anymore. Not even as to buy him a big Happy Father's Day cake and yes, I do missed him teribbly much *sob*

Father's Day card and a Gift
A doggie handphone holder

On a lighter note, my kids would give hugs and kisses to Dar on Father's Day as well as I love you on this day which I think is so sweet.

Just like me, he would receive a special card from the little one and it certainly warmths his heart coz he would certainly bring along this card along for his trip on Monday.

This is all so sudden but you see, Dar is going on a "mission" tomorrow......kekek...not mission impossible though I would liken it to be like a la mode Tom Cruise ya?

Yep - this part of the globe between the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans.

There are two "Missions" so watch out for more details folks!

But hey, hang on.....World Cup is held in Germany?????

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