Warmth Cheers! Maret 2014

Yup! Just some couple of latest happenings that warmth my heart since yesterday:

A very good pal working in my company broke the news to me that she is four months into her pregnancy, having married for 12 years. She has totally resigned the fate of ever be a mother and her visit to the doctor two weeks ago was actually meant to treat her fibroid. She was taken aback when the doctor told her she is pregnant and that it is a miracle that she could conceive in view of her 'growth' problems. I am so happy for her :D as I shared her joy.


Later in the afternoon, received a text message from my girlfriend, Sally that she has just given birth to her second daughter weighing 3.375 kg.....Ahh....another bundle of joy.

News from Aussie:

Then a lengthy email from my best pal in Sydney sharing with me that she has found a job. She has been staying home for almost four years since the birth of her baby girl. Hmm...this will tie over some of her finances and keep her going and I'm so happy for her.


This is my pal/colleague/'Brother' Steven - same committee for many many years and just like the rest of my 'Brothers', we've been through thick and thin - grievances, negotiations etc.

I've missed him and the rest so much as they were not re-elected in my committee since Feb 2006. So, it certainly warmth my heart when I received a call from and we yak so much. He was telling his wife just how much he has missed my laughter :D Ha .... Me too! Me too! I've missed all my 'Brothers' - their care and concerns for me not forgetting their naughty jokes and tricks LOL.

Yep! Last but certainly not least, stress-free day plus I've completed 3.2 km run so I feel so Shiok :D lots of material to read tonight coz need to attend an important meeting tomorrow.

~ Ciao Folks! ~
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